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Speech and Language Disorders

Speech and Language Disorders

Creative Mind Child Development Clinic for Speech and Language Disorders

Speech and language are tools used for communication; speech is expressive production of sounds. Language involves expressive & receptive components. It includes use of spoken words, sign language, written words, and pictures.

Expressive language involves communication of ideas, intentions & emotions, receptive language involves understanding what is said by someone else. It includes auditory comprehension (listening), literate decoding (reading) & mastery of visual signing.

Communication disorders may involve speech or language or both. Communication includes any verbal or nonverbal behaviour that influences the behavior, ideas or attitude of another individual. Communication is a two-way process which involves transferring of information or messages from one person or group to another.

A speech disorder is an impairment of voice, articulation and/or fluency. A language disorder is due to impairment of comprehension or production.

Speech and language disorders are generally caused by unresponsive social interactions or inadequate verbal input, hearing impairment, cognitive and neurologic disorders including autism, specific language impairment, and anatomic disruptions.

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