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Best Learning Disability Treatment in South Delhi

Learning Disability

Creative Mind Child Development Clinic for Learning Disability

(Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia)

LD is a developmental disorder with academic and psychosocial consequences. LD manifest as failure to acquire reading, writng or math skills at grade and age expected levels.

Dyslexia: Specific type of reading disability caused by deficit in phonological processing. Children with more diffuse language problems are at higher risk for reading comprehension deficit.

Dysgraphia: writing disability caused by neurodevelopmental weakness including problem with hand writing (fine motor or grapho-motor).

Dyscalculia: Mathematical disability, including problem in number sense, arithmetic calculations, difficulty with language of math (correctly reading and understanding numbers and symbols).

Early Red flag signs:

  • Language delay
  • Difficulty learning simple words
  • Difficulty in making simple sentences
  • Difficulty in rhymes
  • Difficulty drawing simple shapes
  • Difficulty learning to count

Pointers to identify at risk children (School Age)

  • Unexplainable absence from school
  • Below average academic performance
  • Poor writing ability
  • Problems in reading ability
  • Poor mathematical competence
  • Problems in recall


  • Developmental Pediatrics evaluation
  • Psychometric-Assessment (IQ test, Educational Assessment)
  • Special Education based on interpretation of evaluation reports
  • Occupationaltherapy (handwriting, attention, hyperactivity, visual-motor coordination)
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